Our proposal

Territory Management Suite for Destinations
The digital evolution of the DMO concept, with the improvement of the relationship with the visitor and the actions between the actors of the Destination.
The #TMS4D Management Suite is an environment where strategy and marketing of the territory meet the set of tools and techniques that allow the development of business relationships and relationships in the construction of the identity of the destination. The tourist destination creates an interlocutory reality with the tourist, already used to share his tourist life on the web and social networks. Therefore, interacting with a profiled and segmented clientele will allow you to identify your wishes in terms of travel and / or travel prospects with the aim of always offering the best of the offer to the visitor of the Destination subject of the marketing campaign.
The #TMS4D methodology is suitable for the detection and qualification of the elements and indices of tourism in places by relating them to the stakeholders so as to ensure the effectiveness of communication and marketing actions for the benefit of the end customer. #TMS4D supports us in the structuring phase of the communication and marketing plan, avoiding wasting the messages posted on the network and intended for potential tourists.
Definition: analysis of the territory through matrix tools to enhance the identity and peculiarities of the Destination
Design: production of the best proposal in terms of processes and offers for a modern relationship with the visitor by leveraging sustainability and accessibility
Development: creation of the best shared territorial offer People are the message
Destination: activation of SaaS processes, envisaged by the Destination, on economic investments related to product and relationship innovation on the territory
Enhance Sustainable Tourism by promoting the Environment, Culture and Tradition of local communities as well as the trade in crafts, food and wine and local production in general. Promote the development and integration of Accessible Tourism projects. Supporting the Destination with the creation of technological environments as well as the sale of the main communication and engagement tools with the modern visitor in Software As A Service mode.
Destinations are an integral part of the tourism eco-system. The activity of the #TMS4D Suite favors engagement and relationship with the visitor and improves communication between the producers of the territorial offer. The places are real media. Architectures, squares represent messages that are the subject of photos and videos currently available on the net, thus identifying the hypermedia in the Destination. With the ubiquity of new technologies there are many competitions but with # TMS4D a better conversation is created between the parties and with the visitor of the Destination.
The sharing of information online, the integration of services and processes, with innovative companies and startups in the tourism sector, for a better usability of data and contents proposed / detected by the tourism supply chain of the territory, represent the keystone of the project. Partners are:
  • Ablativ srl
  • Sandro Usai
Information and Costs are reserved for the Union of Municipalities, Municipalities, DMOs, DMCs, Territorial Local Groups and Consortia
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